CASPER VAN DIEN, Actor (Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hallow)


"I have worked with Shaun on several projects over the years and he is such a pleasure to work with. I’m always looking to do more films with him and have his number on Speed-Dial. That’s how much I love working with this guy."


JACKSON RATHBONE, Actor (Twilight Franchise, The Last Ship)


"In the two decades I’ve worked in the film industry, I’ve learned that a film’s energy comes from the director. Working with Shaun, that energy was consistently pleasant, fun, and collaborative.  He is one of those rare types that is able to be artistic and commercial, professional and approachable. Shaun is the real deal. With him at the helm, your film is in safe, capable, and effective hands."


GILLIAN WHITE, Actress (The Oval, Days Of Our Lives)


"Being the female lead in the action drama The Island, I truly saw first hand that Shaun Piccinino is a wonderful director…talented, professional, caring and attentive to an actor’s process on set as well as having a wide array of knowledge in the action/stunt world."


SEAN PATRICK FLANNERY, ACTOR (Boondock Saints, Powder)


"Of the top 2 directors on my "favorites" list... Shaun Piccinino is both of them. And, of the 4 criteria used to determine my list (technical, creative, collaborative... and just being a f#cking joy to work with), only Piccinino checks every box. Seriously...  I would do a web only Flex-Seal commercial with this guy."



CHRISTINA MOORE, ACTRESS (Jessie, 90210, That 70's Show)


"Shaun Piccinino is a bright light; his energy on set keeps the cast and crew inspired while making the days fun and enjoyable. Shaun's nickname is the "energizer bunny." His boundless energy truly is a sight to behold and absoluetly pushes the team to do their best work while making the days fly by."


PETER SHINKODA, ACTOR (Netflix's Daredevil, Falling Skies)


"Shaun began as an actor and a stuntman and therefore has great fundamental communication skills with performers, and that has served him well in terms of directing of all genres. Just take a look at his anthology of work. I very much enjoyed working with him and definitely would again, and I am constanly looking forward to future collaborations!"



SHANE GRAHAM, ACTOR (The Son, Boyhood) 


"I'm so proud to know and have worked with Shaun on multiple projects. Shaun Piccinino is a fantastic director and an Actor's Director. He gives clear and present direction to take the scene forward. He's also a great actor on top of that, so he knows how to work with me in a way that's familiar. Shaun has a solid vision for film making, and somehow is always positive. Even under pressure and time constraints. Anytime this man has a project in the pipeline, he will have me at the ready for any part. And I have an LOI ready for him anytime he asks. You can count on that. Shaun is a force of nature on set. I'm look forward to working with him again soon. He will always have my endorsement." -Shane Graham



GRACE VAN DIEN, ACTRESS (Stranger Things, Lady Driver)


"Shaun Piccinino is one of the greatest directors I have had the pleasure of working with. Not only is he collaborative but he supersedes that by having a vision that everyone collectively gets on board with. He is a true creative gentleman."